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Come experience the signature d2b Studios Conditioning Program designed to prevent injury and improve performance for Dancers, Industry Performers, Dance & Cheer Teams.


Part of the adult dance training program at dance2b, it is essential to balance dance performance classes with conditioning and technique classes. PREVENGE Body combines both and serves as an intense warm-up or after-stretch to ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, tap and hip hop classes. An industry trained professional dancer specifically designed this unique program to activate muscle memory for longevity and the ability to continue to perform and sustain technique and endurance. All movement is derived and inspired from classical and contemporary training and technique taught at prestigious conservatories such as the Julliard School, Alvin Ailey and the School of American Ballet. All infused with the Hollywood production experience with lights, effects and endurance inspiring music!




Imagine a circuit class that provides you with the beauty of dance training in technique and flexibility that targets all muscle groups. The PREVENGE Body CLASS is offered at dance2b on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the beautiful training STUDIO A. Give your body the necessary conditioning it deserves weekly in this power hour of a class! Proper and regular conditioning has a number of benefits for dancers and athletes. This class will teach how targeted exercises to specific areas of the body will prevent injury and will also focus on improving posture, increasing flexibility and range of motion. It will also increase the core body strength essential for dance performance.



A tailored PREVENGE Body CLINIC that can be delivered IN-STUDIO or ON-SITE at your location. The focused demi-program created for your dance team or company members supports improvement over time in technique, endurance and performance. The PB CLINIC illustrates the 8 impactful sequences that sculpt the shape of technique into the body with props and therabands. The sequences are ideal for the strength and stretch components for warm-up at the beginning of practice to prepare and improve delivery of specific performance elements.


The PREVENGE Body CURRICULUM is a full season or semester program that provides instructional materials and digital content.



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