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Hello dance2b community! My name is Dee Liang and I am excited to announce the launch dance2b’s new series of dance musings, thoughts, and compilations, Groover’s Beat (GB)! GB will feature sweet content like insider dance2b material, Q & A from d2b’s instructors, highlights of thriving Denver life, and anything and everything that has to do with the passion that brought us here in the first place: dance.

As the voice behind Groover’s Beat, I would like to share a little about myself! By way of background, I just graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder studying Communication as well as Digital Media. My academic journey as a Buff has cultivated this passion and interest in creating content; I love learning and I love making things out of that knowledge. Hence, this space dance2b has provided me will be a haven for knowledge and passion to fuse.

So why dance2b?

dance2b is a space to spread the word and love of dance to the adult community, regardless of dance experience or age. That really resonated with me personally, because of the fact that I am a late bloomer with dance. I started at the age of 13, joining my high school dance team. From there, I learned some basics of dance from watching teammates and soaking in everything my coaches had to say. I went on to dance for CU for four years, which was one of the most gruesome, yet gratifying experiences. Gruesome, in the sense that there was constant pressure to match the talent of my teammates. Gratifying in the sense that I was one of the girls among the incredible talent of my teammates. These ladies had danced in studios since the age of three, which equated to me putting in extra work to make up for the decade of training I “missed out” on. At the same time, it was beyond humbling to get to dance beside some of the most talented women I have ever witnessed. It was just the motivation to be better and through that, I learned a massive amount. More of that on another post!

With sharing that, I am also sharing to you one thing that brings me intimidation and even fear: dancing in a studio. Most, if not all my dance training had stemmed from the atmosphere of practice with teammates, rather than in a studio. Whenever a choreographer came or my coach would run across-the-floor technique, I would tense up and have a weird feeling that everyone else in the room was judging. I was not used to how class at a dance studio was ran, surrounded by mirrors, dance students vying to be picked for performing combinations in small groups, pushing to the front…etc. I was more of a back line, quiet observation type of gal. In the studio, dance no longer became a safe haven for me.

However, learning about dance2b changed my outlook on studios and dance. Jennifer pushes for dance to be accessible for the adult audience no matter the age or dance background to attend; this reaches out to the novice or advanced dancers out there. I have been taking classes and it is refreshing to get to be in a state of the art space right in downtown Denver. I have learned about myself as a dancer and have really enjoyed the welcoming and encouraging environment dance2b stands for. I love it and I think so will you. Come down and try it out, ask about our half-price class for first-timers! Oh, and did I mention that there a New Client Special for $45 for 4 classes? Let’s dance together.

Stay grooving,


What else would you like to read about on Groover’s Beat? Let me know in the comments below!

On deck for next week: Tone and Tighten with Alex!



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